Mental Health in the Workplace

Updated: Mar 29

Mental health and wellbeing in the workplace is a subject that some employers speak openly about, whilst some choose not to and expect staff to 'get a grip'.

Supporting employees with mental health issues is a must if you wish to be compliant with the law. Its also a must to stop, think and appreciate how someone is feeling today. By talking openly with staff on a regular basis could lead to less absences and improved morale in the workplace.

Employers have a duty of care which means you must do all you can to ensure others are not being discriminated against and that their working environment is positive and safe. Be aware that a mental health issue can be considered as a disability under the law and it is not always easy for people to be open and share their concerns. Do you know the signs of mental ill health? These can range from changes in behaviour and standard of work, increase in absences or arriving late for work. What support do you currently have in place? Do staff know who to go to for support and are they approachable with a caring and understanding manner?

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