Employment Law... do you know the rights from wrongs?

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

How do you know what you are saying or doing is correct?

Keeping up to date with the current employment law is a must; if not, you could find yourself in a costly and stressful tribunal. New laws normally surface in April and October or when Government changes. Acas is a great source of reference as well as looking at case laws.

Case law is key as laws can change depending on the outcome of individual cases; for example:-

Whistleblowing: public interest disclosure can be personal

Parkins v Sodexho Ltd (22 June 2001)

An extra layer of complication was added to whistleblowing laws when the Employment Appeal Tribunal accepted that the disclosure of information concerning a breach of an individual’s own contract of employment could count as a protected disclosure.

This led to employees claiming whistleblowing protection for complaints that were essentially grievances about their own terms and conditions. The case caused so many problems that whistleblowing laws were changed in June 2013 so that a disclosure is protected only if it is made in the reasonable belief that it is in the public interest. Source:

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