Managing Staff Absences


Staff absences can turn into a costly headache if not dealt with promptly or fairly.  Sickness absences, either short-term or long-term (i.e. 4 weeks or more) need to be recorded and dealt with effectively upon the employees return.  Having empathy whilst following the policy and procedure can ultimately decrease certain absences but the key is communication.  Bloomfield HR Consultancy can have ongoing communication with your employees as prevention, offering genuine support but will also follow the process of capability as and when needed.

If required, we can offer a unique service whereby your employees liaise direct with us to report a staff absence.  This can allow for essential dialogue with on-going monitoring.   The service would also include a return to work interview via the telephone and face to face 'trigger' meetings to include target and improvement setting.  Absences will also be entered and monitored within Breathe HR Management system if you have signed up for this service.