HR Toolkits

Recruitment Toolkit - Everything you need to appoint staff from Job Application through to Induction; our toolkit includes:

  • Pre Employment Checklist

  • Reference Request Template

  • Right to Work Guidance/Checklist

  • Job Application Form Template

  • Job Description Template

  • Offer Letter Template

  • Contract of Employment Template

  • New Starter Form

  • New Starter Personal Details Form

  • Induction Policy

  • Recruitment & Selection Policy

  • 1 Licence for Information Governance Online Training Accredited by CPD

  • 1 hour of telephone communication supporting your recruitment process

Health & Safety Toolkit - Everything you need to ensure you are compliant within your organisation; our toolkit includes:

  • Health and Safety Policy

  • Consulting Employees Leaflet

  • DSE Checklist

  • Risk Assessment Template

  • Risk Assessment Example 

  • Fire Risk Assessment Template

  • How and when to complete a RIDDOR

  • Accident Template Form

  • HSE Guidance and Advice Leaflet

  • 1 Licence for Health & Safety Online Training Accredited by RoSPA and CPD

  • 1 Licence for Corporate Manslaughter Act Online Training Accredited by RoSPA and CPD