Payroll Services


Our Payroll services will manage your monthly and annual payroll with diligence and efficiency, saving you time and making your financial duties that much easier.  We can run your payroll, provide full reporting, send payslips out for you and ensure that everyone in your business is paid correctly as well as on-time. 


Our Payroll Service provides:


  • A HMRC-recognised service that uses accredited payroll software

  • Completed and filed returns

  • Notification of PAYE sums

  • Full compliance with Real Time Information (RTI) software


We offer a fixed fee service for your recruitment; one great low-cost rate regardless of the role that you are recruiting for or the number of candidates that you chose to hire.


The Fixed Fee Recruitment service covers:

  • Job description: we will prepare the vacancy listing to match your requirements

  • Advertisement:  we will place an advert via WMJobs for a maximum of 28 days and also post and manage via social media

  • Short listing: we review every applicant to ensure that you will only see the most suitable candidates

  • Interview scheduling: you provide the times and dates, and we contact, brief and schedule the candidates

  • Obtaining references: we will make contact with the referees given 

  • Offers and rejections: we will make offers to successful candidates (and negotiate on your behalf if required), and inform unsuccessful candidates if they are not right for the post

  • Issue employment contract before start date

  • Support with interviewing can be provided.

HR Information System


Bloomfield HR Consultancy is a Certified Partner with Breathe HR to bring an all-in-one automated HR Management System for your business.  


Breathe HR centralises all your employee data and makes HR administration quick, easy and efficient; it can: 

  • Record and access employee information

  • Store shared and private documents

  • Central store for Employee Handbook and Policies

  • Manage holiday requests

  • Manage sickness and absence

  • Connect and communicate with employees across the business

  • Employees can use the system to view and amend their personal details, which are only available to themselves and their assigned management. These details include contact information, payment details, holiday requests, sickness records and any assigned tasks.

Please call for an online demonstration.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Employee Handbook

Issuing employees with a staff handbook is not a legal requirement but it is good HR practice.  A staff handbook states exactly what is required and expected of both an employee and employer.  The handbook gives guidance on key management policies in one document and by ensuring all employees sign to say they have received, read and understood, mitigates any risks against you. This template Employee Handbook is vital if you employ one or more staff.

The contents list is provided below and you will receive a 40+ page hard copy direct to your inbox.




  • Contents Page

  • Introduction

  • Starting with (Your Company Name)

  • About the Company

  • Your induction

  • Statement of Employment Terms and Conditions

  • Our Relocation Policy

  • Probation Periods

  • Your Attendance at Work

  • Notification of Absence

  • Sickness Payments

  • Hours of Work

  • Flexible Working

  • Criminal Records Checks

  • Conflict of Interest

  • Standards of Performance and Behaviour at Work

  • Appearance

  • Company Premises

  • Personal Property

  • Telephones & Correspondence

  • Smoking and Other Substances at Work

  • Confidentiality

  • Computer, email and Internet use

  • Receipt of Gifts

  • Bribery and other Corrupt Behaviour

  • Data Protection and Access to Information

  • Changes in Personal Information for Employment Purposes

  • Trade Union Membership

  • Valuing Diversity and Dignity at Work

  • Valuing Diversity

  • Statement

  • Key Actions

  • Dignity at Work

  • Statement

  • What and How of Harassment

  • What should I do if subject to Harassment?

  • Pay, Benefits & Pensions

  • Salary Arrangements

  • Overtime

  • Income Tax

  • Business Travel

  • Sickness Pay Provision

  • Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) 

  • Occupational Sick Pay 

  • Pension Scheme

  • Leave Arrangements

  • Annual Leave

  • Maternity Leave and Pay Policy

  • Paternity Leave and Pay

  • Shared parental leave

  • Unpaid Parental Leave

  • Time Off For Dependants

  • Health and Safety

  • Introduction

  • Procedure in the event of an accident

  • First Aid

  • Fire Safety

  • Personal Safety

  • Training and Development

  • Training and Development Policy**

  • Introduction

  • PDP - The Process

  • Leaving

  • Notice Periods

  • Working Notice

  • Other Conditions on Leaving

  • Retirement

  • Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures

  • Scope

  • Suspension

  • Counselling

  • Procedure for Formal Investigation

  • Warnings

  • Letter of Warnings

  • Appeals

  • Grievance Procedures

  • Grievance Procedure -  Appendix 1

  • Grievance Procedure -  Appendix 2

  • Grievance Procedure -  Appendix 3

  • Contacts

  • Confirmation of Receipt of Handbook Form

Managing Staff Absences


Staff absences can turn into a costly headache if not dealt with promptly or fairly.  Sickness absences, either short-term or long-term (i.e. 4 weeks or more) need to be recorded and dealt with effectively upon the employees return.  Having empathy whilst following the policy and procedure can ultimately decrease certain absences but the key is communication.  Bloomfield HR Consultancy can have ongoing communication with your employees as prevention, offering genuine support but will also follow the process of capability as and when needed.

If required, we can offer a unique service whereby your employees liaise direct with us to report a staff absence.  This can allow for essential dialogue with on-going monitoring.   The service would also include a return to work interview via the telephone and face to face 'trigger' meetings to include target and improvement setting.  Absences will also be entered and monitored within Breathe HR Management system if you have signed up for this service.

Employee Disciplinaries


Nobody likes to get to the disciplinary stage in any organisation, that is why you should firstly consider if the matter can be resolved informally.  However, some circumstances surpass this option therefore leading straight into a formal procedure.  We can support you through this process every step of the way ensuring a fair process to both yourself and your employee is carried out.  

We can support you by:

We manage each case preparing the necessary paperwork and documenting the process.

HR Policies


HR policies and procedures will help to protect your business from a legal standpoint, as well as supporting the smooth day to day running of the business.  Policies need to be written in a clear and concise manner as well as being free from boring jargon.  The following policies are required by law:


  • Health & Safety Policy (if you employ 5 or more staff)

  • Grievance Policy

  • Disciplinary Policy

Standard HR policies will offer advice for staff on their employment, while procedures will go into more detail on HR policies. Policies and procedures are usually presented to staff in the form of employee contracts and/or handbooks, as this helps to maintain a legally binding relationship and gives the employee a frame of reference whenever they need to check any details of their employment.  Having non-statutory policies in place makes certain this happens.  Our policies ensure that you are provided with the protection and flexibility your organisation needs. We can provide you with a policy manual which includes the following 20 policies all covering the law as it stands in 2020, or we can supply them on an individual basis:

  • Recruitment Policy

  • Holiday Policy

  • Flexible Working Policy

  • Equal Opportunities Policy

  • Drug and Alcohol Policy

  • Wellbeing Policy

  • Menopause Policy

  • Maternity and Family Friendly Policy

  • Homeworking Policy

  • Social Media Policy

  • Harassment and Bullying Policy

  • Performance Improvement Policy - see sample

  • Absence Management Policy

  • Grievance Policy

  • Whistleblowing  Policy

  • Bribery Policy

  • Data Protection Policy

  • Modern Slavery Policy

  • Disciplinary Policy

  • Redundancy Policy 

Employment Contracts


Employment legislation changed in April 2020 whereby all new employees must be issued with a written contract on or before the contract starts; the contract must include certain criteria to ensure that, as an employer, you are issuing a fair, transparent and legal document.

We can now complete all contracts on your behalf, whether that is fixed, permanent or zero hours ensuring you are fully compliant with the latest legislation.

Employee Engagement


Most companies run employee engagement activities of some kind, and they usually start with a survey. The reasoning for this is straightforward; engaged employees are supposed to generate more profit for the firm, so firms need to know how engaged their people are.

We are  proud partners working with wethrive to bring you a service that actually works which brings real results and achievable action plans.  Call now for a free demonstration or click here for further information.

Health and Safety


Having a Health & Safety policy in place for your business is vital, even if you're a micro business of 3 or less employees; you still have a legal responsibility to all, including your clients, contractors and any visitors who attend your site and offices.

Health and Safety in the workplace is not just about preventing unfortunate injuries or illness, it is also about promoting positive wellbeing.  Bloomfield HR can support you in the workplace by implementing polices that are relevant to your business, giving you piece of mind knowing that you are 100% compliant.

We can also provide you with online Health and Safety training which is RoSPA and CPD accredited; please see our Online Training for further information.


DBS Checks


Employees are an organisations biggest asset and a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check will ensure potential staff are screened properly based on their skills, capability and background. Through a DBS check, managers and owners can make accurate hiring decisions and prevent possible losses.

We can ensure all employees are screened before appointing giving you confidence and reassurance.  



  • Basic DBS Check 
    This checks criminal history for ‘unspent’ convictions

  • Standard Check 
    The check looks at an applicant’s criminal history for details of cautions, warnings, reprimands, and convictions (both spent and unspent)

  • Enhanced Check 
    This is the same as the standard check except it also searches barred lists to ensure the applicant isn’t barred from working with vulnerable adults

  • Enhanced Check with Barred List; this shows the same as an enhanced check plus whether the applicant is on the list of people barred from doing a certain role